How to turn facebook into a digital magazine (flipboard)

How to turn facebook into a digital magazine (flipboard)

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Judging by the reviews in the App Store. I'm not the only one frustrated with the Facebook app for iOS. I generally use the web app but lately I've been using the FlipBoard app for Facebook.

In this guide ill show you some of the reasons why. If you're not familiar with FlipBoard. It's an app that basically turns websites and social sites into a sort of magazine format. Great for news too

The first thing I like about it is the layout. It's very clean and easy to navigate. Add any site or social network you want to it. "Cover stories" is a combination of all the sites you've linked to.

Here I've gone into my Facebook section of FlipBoard. See how nice the posts look? It also includes the Comments and the Likes. To see other parts of Facebook tap the "Facebook" link at the top

Here you can enter the rest of your Facebook sections such as your news feed, photos, groups and your wall.

To refresh the page hold your finger on the screen and drag down.

Tap a post to get more options such as visit the posters wall, Like and share.

Here's the Share options.

Notices that the app works like pages of a magazine. You "flip" from page to page. All the posts look real nice and easy to read.

Here's a tip. Just like in most browsers on iOS such as safari. To scroll to the top just tap the black bar in the top of the screen. In FlipBoard the pages will "flip" to the top (first post).

Keep in mind that FlipBoard isn't just for Facebook. You can use just about any site and add it to your FlipBoard menu. I just focused this guide in Facebook because that's what I mainly use it for.

The one drawback is you can't actually post on Facebook in the FlipBoard app. But you can comment, like and share posts.

Well that's all I really wanted to share. I enjoy Facebook so much more on this app than I do the official Facebook app. So I felt it was worth sharing. I hope someone finds this helpful.

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