How to make rosettes

How to make rosettes

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Beat eggs slightly. Add 2 tsp's sugar, 1 cup milk, 1 cup flour. Beat until smooth. Should be the consistency of heavy cream. Add lemon extract.

Pour oil approx 2" deep in heavy pan. I use small Club Aluminum saucepan. It uses less oil and I'd rather make one rosette at a time. Heat oil to 380° - 400°. I use deep fat thermometer.

This is my set from the 1970's. handle screws on whichever design I want to use. I usually use just one. Once I get the oil temperature right and the momentum going, I hate to start over with new one.

INPORTANT: Heat rosette iron in the oil. You need to start with HOT, oiled iron.

Dip heated iron slowly and carefully into batter JUST below top edge. Batter must not overlap top. If only a thin layer adheres or it isn't even, Re-dip. (SEE VIDEO)

Oftentimes the Rosette comes off which is okay. Let fry a few seconds, then turn, fry a few seconds and remove.

If rosette sticks onto iron, let it fry, then it should come off easily with fork. Drain on paper towel. Mine usually drop off the iron. Be patient... The first couple usually aren't quite as pretty.

Rosettes should be crisp and light. They should break, not bend.

Do not sprinkle on sugar until it's time to serve. (I do freeze some - un-sugared) Sometimes they need to be stored with cover ajar to dry them out.

I have a little sugar shaker for sprinkling powdered sugar on. You can also just turn Rosette upside down and dip in powered sugar.

The powdered sugar makes them delicious!

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