How to create an outside christmas arrangement

How to create an outside christmas arrangement

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Collect red branches, a variety of spruce or pine boughs.

I use leftover soil from the summer pots. Stir it up so its loose.

Start with the tallest pieces and work your way to the shortest ones. Push them down well so they don't fall over from the weight of the snow.

Place blue spruce boughs up against the red branches

Green Spruce next. It's filling up nicely. You want it snug so there are no gaps.

Snip small branches off the bottom so you can dig it into the sand or soil easier.

These pine boughs had pine cones still on them. So pretty!

Add the berries in the middle for colour and interest.

Now just for the finishing touch...the bow.

This fabric/netting I got from a nursery 1/2 price last Boxing Day. It's worth looking for these supplies then because at full price they are so expensive.

I cut about 4-5 feet and then fold it in half.

Find the middle and make a knot.

Tie a bow around the knot. Fluff up the bow (it's a bit fussy) and thread a piece of wire through the back of the knot. Secure it to a branch near the front.

I put a couple of big pine cones and stars. Water the pot a bit and you're done!

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