How to make the 6x6 buckyballs cube

How to make the 6x6 buckyballs cube

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Collect all 216 magnetic balls

Open it all up so you have one long chain

Join the ends! Now it's a long closed chain

Stick two ends and the rest will snap together. Double up!

Avoid lone magnets at the end of the chain. If you have one, take it off gently and stick it to the other one at the other end.

Like Step 3, join the two ends to make a smaller chain.

Similarly, join the two ends like in Step 4. And avoid the similar lone pair as shown in this pic and Step 5.

Now separate the top two magnets so you get a row of four.

The Zipper. Just swipe your finger along the opening, down the length of the stack. Like a zipper.

You now have a bed of four rows of magnets. From any end, count 18 of these rows.

Caution: You may mess up if not careful. Split the bed at the 18th column of your 4-row magnets.

The part that you just removed, divide it along the middle so you get a two row chain. Or just simply make one.

Check the polarity of the two pieces before joining. Do as shown in the picture.

You have your base for the cube. Count 6 balls and fold them like a pleat on the base.

You have your first side of the cube. Count 6 and fold backwards, again. (Tip: Always be folding in towards the base)

Repeat this step 3 times

You have successfully made your 6x6 Buckyballs cube!

Go, challenge your friends! Enjoy :)

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