How to have doll eyes

How to have doll eyes

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Start with a primed lid. You can use foundation, concealer, or primer to prime your lid. I used urban decay primer potion.

Get a generous amount of whatever dark shadow you chose, on a square, liner brush. I used a dark purple.

Press into the natural concave of your eye and create a curved line. Keep it somewhat neat.

Blend away using another brush, or the same if you prefer. Use light, windshield wiper motions.

Drag color down to the lid and lash line. Make sure to fill in the outer corner of your eye.

Grab a generous amount of the same dark shadow.

Apply softly to the lower lash line. Go about half way.

Use the black eyeliner to create another curved line. Keep it somewhat neat.

Blend away. Try to retain the shape of the line without making it look too messy. You want it soft, not sloppy.

Line halfway on the lower lash line.

Blend lightly. Keep it dark but smoky. After this step you would apply your false lashes and mascara.

Liquid liner. However shape you prefer. I used a wing because it really gives a nice look.

Light shadow.

Apply to lid and inner corner. Blend and tweak a bit, then you're done!

Before and after. Big difference, eh?


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