How to build a multi table out of old pallets

How to build a multi table out of old pallets

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Cut your pellets up and get a couple of pieces to make the body of you multi table

Use the floor to make sure everything is in the direction of level, don't worry to much we can make some adjustments later.

Use some of the pallet wood to make an end piece for the multi table.

Drill pilot holes then screw together.

Now the other end. Use a wall to make level on one side, this will be the base of the multi table.

More pilot holes and screws. Use two screw per panel to give strength.

Ready to add a top to the table, or side to the minibar.

Make a top for your table screw it in place then cut it to size with the saw.

There we go, one table/mini bar.

Build a tray to sit on your table. Make it slightly wider than your table so it sits nicely on top.

Have some lunch

Turn multi table on its side to transform into minbar for serving coffee.

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