How to brighten dingy whites ... not for the faint heart!

How to brighten dingy whites ... not for the faint heart!

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Gather supplies. As you can see my pitcher, this stains without dilution!

Liquid Blue can be found at the grocery store in the Laundry Section.

Follow Directions carefully.

I'm using a Quart pitcher that we had lost the lid to. Add water.

Be careful! Add few drops to water.

Mix well! This is really too blue. I added too much. Small amounts!

I add straight through my Bleach compartment.

Keep adding the entire Quart of mix.

Yes I'm sure. Add the entire Quart.

ALL of it! Add detergent and softener as usual.

Place supplies in Container for next use. Store with other Laundry Supplies. This bottle lasts a long time. I've had this bottle over a year. Enjoy your Bright White Laundry!

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