Radio: Smart Power Strips

 Radio: Smart Power Strips

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You've probably heard about vampire electricity, the electrical power that can suck the life out of your home power usage. It's what you're wasting when you leave your phone charger plugged into the wall when the phone's finished charging, and it's what your TV is using when you turn it off and it goes into standby mode. All those little watts add up to a huge waste of power per household every year. Smart strips can help you get some of that power back.

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A smart strip can sense when an electronic device is not in use, and it cuts power to that outlet in response. You can create relationships between devices-when your TV is not in use, your smart strip can cut power to game boxes or DVD players, for example. Other smart strips have motion detectors and can turn off lights when nobody's in the room.

You don't want to cut power suddenly to devices like computers and laser printers, of course-those need their shutdown routines to turn off safely. Most smart strips have one or two outlets that are always on, so you can plug your PC into one of those to keep it safe. But when you do power down, you can be sure that all the peripherals plugged into the smart strip will turn off as well.

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