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For those of you who not only miss voice, but his tips, advice and home improvement wisdom, you can now get your daily dose by tuning in to your local radio station.

Starting today, over 60 markets across the country-including stations like KVON 1440 (Napa/SF), WTKK 96.9 FM (Boston), KFNN 1510 (Phoenix), WWBA 150 (Tampa), KOGO AM 600 (San Diego), KMJ (Fresno)-will carry Bob's 60-second radio spots covering everything from Passing a Home Inspection to organizing your Kitchen Tool Drawer.

And, should you wish, you can also listen to (or read) each new daily tip right here on . Book mark this page and be sure to check in for Bob's home improvement tip of the day… that's every day, starting now:

Listen to on Finding A Good Contractor, or read his message below:

By now, most of us know we need to get quotes from at least three contractors before hiring one. But while the numbers are useful, they don't always tell the whole story. The way contractors bid for your job can actually help you decide how trustworthy they are.

You want to be leery of low-ball estimates or special discounts for “today only.” It's possible that a contractor who bids much lower than everyone else either doesn't understand what the job entails or doesn't plan to do it right.

A reputable contractor doesn't need your money to get started. So if a contractor asks for more than a 10 to 20 percent deposit up front or requires payment in cash, think twice.

A good contractor will always be happy to give you a written quote that itemizes labor and material costs, and references. Follow up on those references. You can also check with your city's building department for any past problems.

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