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Radio: Picking a Christmas Tree

 Radio: Picking a Christmas Tree

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Did you know that each holiday season 2,600 people are injured in fires in the US?

Listen to ON PICKING A CHRISTMAS TREE, or read the text below:

When you make that pilgrimage to buy your tree this season, make sure it doesn't become a hazard to your family.

Start by picking the freshest tree you can find: check that the needles are hard to pull back from the branches and they don't break when you bend them. Give the tree a bounce; if may needles come off, keep shopping.

Make a fresh cut in the trunk before putting the tree in its stand and keep it watered. Keep it away from heat sources, don't ever smoke near it, and make sure you have working smoke alarms on every floor of your home.

While many of us are tempted to break out the egg nog and set up the tree right after Thanksgiving, the US Fire Administration recommends leaving it up no longer than two weeks.

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